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Current Events World website makes the visitors to know the current Health and Medicine affairs of world. And also the visitors can view the categories like Health and Medicine Current Events, Health and Medicine News, Health and Medicine Articles, Current Health Issues, Current Medicine News.

 Nanoparticles may stop cancer spread

Scientists have designed 'sticky' nanoparticles that stay in the bloodstream when injected and kill migrating cancer cells on contact. Researchers at Cornell University, in the US, at

 India completes three polio free years

India on declared itself a polio-free country for the third consecutive year without a single new case of the disease and termed it as a "monumental milestone". "It is a matter of pri

 Breakthrough in HIV virus study

Chinese researchers claimed to have made a significant breakthrough in the structural analysis of the viral infectivity factor (Vif) of the HIV virus, which will help in the development of

 Edible gel to fight obesity

Now, you can eat to lose weight! Scientists have invented an edible gel that swells in the tummy to make people feel full for longer - and can offer a novel method to fight obesity.

 National Cancer Institute to come up at Haryana

The cancer institute will be located in Badhsa village in Jhajjar of Haryana, near Delhi and will be completed in a period of 45 months. Approving the Health Ministry's proposal on Thursday, the U

 Insulin pill for diabetics

Nearly a century after the crucial discovery of insulin, Indian scientists have developed a long-sought insulin pill that could spare millions of diabetics around the world the pain of dai

 6 cr compensation in medical negligence case

In the highest ever compensation awarded in a medical negligence case, the Supreme Court on Thursday asked Kolkata-based AMRI Hospital and three doctors to pay a whopping Rs 5.96 crore along with

 Global tuberculosis report 2013

Tuberculosis (TB) killed 1.3 million people worldwide in 2012, while India alone accounted for 26 percent of total TB cases globally, the WHO said as it expressed concern over drug-resistant forms

 Turmeric could prevent cervical cancer

A component named circumin in turmeric, a herbal cure for many diseases for ages, could prevent and cure Human Papiloma Virus infection which leads to cervical cancer in women, scientists at Chitt

 Citrus fruits helps prevent formation of kidney cysts

Scientists have found that a component of grapefruit and other citrus fruits can successfully block the formation of kidney cysts. Known as polycystic kidney disease, this is an inherited disorde


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